Publications available for members only to borrow for private study are held at various locations and are available via the Secretary. Members are requested to ensure that they are returned via the Secretary and that all loans and returns are recorded.

In due course a full up to date pdf list will appear in this space.

In addition, the club hopes soon to have on permanent loan from the Essex County Council a number of bound Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society. These were donated by the late Dr Priestley to Hadleigh Library for use by the local community and, before any potential future disposal, will need to be offered back to the Essex County Council.

Hadleigh Library also have a number of historical resources in their Reference Section which is kept away from the public area. These can be used by anyone on specific request to the librarian and, in certain circumstance, borrowed by AGES members by special arrangement for use outside the library.

Such resources include, for example, a copy of The Ancient Parish of Thundersley by Reverend Maley.