AGES Archaeological & Historical Association

Articles of Association (As amended at various AGMs up to November 2023)






The Archaeology Geophysics Enthusiastic Searchers Amateur Archaeology Association (AGES AAA) was in principle established and founded by a group decision in July 2003 pending ratification at a formal meeting.

The formal meeting being called and held for Wednesday 12th November 2003 at The British Legion Hall, Churchill House, 7/9 Northview Drive, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.



At the AGM on 25 November 2008, the name for the Association was changed from its initial, “Archaeology Geophysics Enthusiastic Searchers Amateur Archaeology Association” to “AGES Archaeological & Historical Association”.



As the Foundation name for the Association was very long and self-explanatory it was initially accepted and agreed that an abbreviation for our title, was to be: – “AGES AAA”. At the AGM on 25 November 2008, the abbreviation was consequently changed to “AGES AHA”.






The Association is founded with the express purpose of promoting archaeological and historical interest. The Association will endeavour to achieve this by teaching and training individuals in the skills of fieldwork, historical research studies, and other related topics.

The Association shall be a fully democratic, non-profit making, non-political Organisation. Membership shall be open to any interested person, irrespective of Age, Race, Colour, Creed, Religion or Political Affiliation.

Members may also be members of other related or like-minded associations and organisations PROVIDING that there is NO CONFLICT of interest between that organisation and our own.





The Association is committed to represent its members’ views and wishes with

  1. Essex County Council
  2. Castle Point Borough Council
  3. All and Every formulated Archaeological Body and Association
  4. Any other Organisation and/or company and/or individual

As appropriate.





The Association welcomes and actively encourages into membership Children and Adults of all ages. There are NO criteria for “qualifications” other than an enthusiastic appetite for knowledge and a willingness to learn.



ARTICLE “E” (As amended at the 2024 AGM)

Membership shall be from the beginning of December and run through to the end of November. Renewal shall be yearly by payment of the appropriate fee and or subscription. Renewals must be made by the end of the previous membership period.

AGMs are to be held in the month of November, or as may be decided by members at an EGM or AGM called for that purpose.


At least 21 days notice of an AGM shall be given to all members.





At the AGM on 27 November 2018, annual membership subscriptions and/or fees were set as follows: –

Individual Membership £ 17.00  
Household Membership £ 25.00 (covers all living at one single address)

At the AGM on 26 November 2019, annual membership subscriptions and/or fees were set, with effect from 1 November 2020, as follows: –

Individual Membership £ 18.00  
Household Membership £ 27.00 (covers all living at one single address)


Children under 16 MUST have parental/Guardian consent and can join under a Household Membership ONLY. These members are not eligible to vote on matters affecting the Association until their 16th birthday.

Any changes to the rates of subscription will be agreed by the Association membership at an AGM or EGM.

Membership to run for 12 months or part thereof if member joins during the year and membership subscription to be paid in a pro rata sum.


At the meeting of the committee on 22 January 2019, it was agreed that any person 16 or over is to be taken as an “individual” for the purposes of this article.








Major decisions concerning the Association and its direction and goals will be made by a minimum quorum of members at a meeting or meetings held for that purpose.

The Chairperson shall decide if such decisions may be made at an ordinary meeting or only at an AGM or EGM.


The Committee shall decide if any decision constitutes a “major decision”.

A simple majority of those attending and eligible to vote will carry any motion.

Meetings to be called as and when needed by the Committee. Any member may, with 7 days notice in writing or e-mail to the Chairperson or Secretary; ask for an item to be placed upon the agenda for that meeting.

  1. The Agenda will ALWAYS include Any Other Business (AOB)
  2. Any Member may raise any matter for discussion in AOB.
  3. A Yearly Review may take place, if required, of the Associations Aims and Goals. Enough time must be allowed for debate and negotiation. Any such review shall take place at an AGM or EGM.

The agenda at the AGM shall include:

  1. Election of Officers
  2. Annual Treasurer’s Report.
  3. Any proposed changes to rates of subscription.
  4. Any Other Annual Officer’s Reports.
  5. Any Annual Review of the Association’s Aims and Goals.
  6. Any specific proposals received for the amendment of the Articles of Association.






An elected Committee of officers will run the Association.


The initial Committee shall consist of a CHAIRPERSON, VICE-CHAIRPERSON, SECRETARY and TREASURER.


The committee was expanded at the 2023 agm to include the officers listed below:

–          Finds Officer

–          Events Organiser

–          Catering Officer

–          Public Relations Officer

–          Website Administrator (title changed at 2023 agm from Internet/Web Organiser)

–          Facebook Administrator


Should the Association in the future expand and the membership desire further officers this will be put to an AGM/EGM of the Association.


Should a decision need to be made which requires a vote, in the case of equal votes being cast, the CHAIRPERSON shall have the final and casting vote.

Each year at the November AGM ALL Committee members will tender their resignations to the members present and step down from office.

  1. They may also indicate their intention of standing again for the same office or for another office if they so wish
  2. Nominations for the posts of the Committee will be received at the AGM or at any time before it. In the light of unforeseen circumstances which prevent any officer from attending the agm, they can be elected in their absence provided that they have made clear in advance to the Secretary, in the two weeks prior to that agm, their intention to stand for office. A fully paid-up member of the Association must duly second all nominations.
  3. Each nomination will be put to the Members present at the AGM
  4. Where there is only one candidate for the post, the approval of the Members present will be asked for. In any case of dissent, votes will be cast for and against the candidate. Where more than one candidate runs for a post, votes will be cast to decide between the candidates. A simple majority of those present and eligible to vote will suffice.
  5. The outgoing CHAIRPERSON and SECRETARY shall remain in office long enough to conduct the NEW vote and election of COMMITTEE OFFICERS. Should a NEW CHAIRPERSON and SECRETARY be elected then hand over of office will take place at a convenient time at the AGM to both parties.












This article shall, when invoked by a majority of the members present at an annual or extraordinary general meeting, supersede all other references in these Articles to “committee”.


The Association Manager shall be appointed (or removed from office) by a majority vote of the members present at an annual or extraordinary general meeting.


The Association Manager shall act with the same authority as a quorate Committee”.


The powers of the “Association Manager” shall cease as soon as a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are elected.




  1. Should an Officer resign his/her position then that position can ONLY remain vacant for a period of 60 days from stated date of resignation
  2. The remaining officers may continue to run the Association for a MAXIMUM period of 60 days from the date of resignation. Prior to the expiry of that period an EGM or AGM must be called.
  3. After any AGM, EGM or meeting that elects the Association’s officers, an elected officer is ONLY eligible to take up their elected office by paying the appropriate subscription and /or yearly fee. Failure to pay this subscription and or fee makes the election of that officer null and void. A period of grace shall be granted to the officer, that period to be no longer than 45 days from the date of the meeting and /or election to office.
  4. Should the membership require an elected officer to resign his/her position this can be done at ANY MEETING providing that a quorum of paid up members are present at that meeting. The application for resignation MUST be proposed and seconded by a MINIMUM of 5 members. Said request MUST state a valid reason for the request. The valid reason CAN ONLY be one as listed in ARTICLE “J”.
  5. If at a meeting an officer is duly requested to resign BUT fails to do so upon that meeting’s request then the CHAIRPERSON will conduct a vote of members present for the purposes of ousting that officer. A MINIMUM of 45% of Association members MUST be present at that meeting and a MAJORITY vote will be acceptable to oust the officer.
  6. If Article H items 4 and/or 5 are invoked at a meeting then an election MAY be held at the same meeting to elect a replacement for the ousted/resigned officer.
  7. No elected officer may hold more than ONE position on the Committee.








The ONLY acceptable and valid reasons for requesting an officer to resign his/her position are as follows: –

  1. Dereliction of Duty.
  2. Misrepresentation of the Association’s views and wishes to those listed in Article “C”.
  3. Misappropriation of Association funds.
  4. Failure to follow specific instructions of the membership.



Where ever any “ARTICLE” in these Articles of Association refers to numbers of members and quorums and percentages these are initially set for 2003/5 as follows:

  1. QUORUM – 5
  2. Resignation Vote – 45% of membership


ARTICLE “L” (As amended at 26 March 2019 Extraordinary General Meeting and Members Meeting of 23 February 2021)

At the establishing meeting of this Association the initial Committee officers were instructed to set up the new Association by ensuring that it had NO ties to previous Associations. This included formation of a new Bank Account.

  1. Signatories to the account are 3 of the elected officers with any 2 to sign per cheque. Wherever possible, the Treasurer shall hold the club cheque book and be one of the signatories. New signatories shall be approved first by any signatories remaining on the committee and then by the whole committee. Signatories to have been members of the club for a minimum of 6 months.
  2. Bank to be agreed and confirmed to the membership
  3. All cheques paying from the Association account must be signed by two elected officers who are not part of the same family or partners living together.
  4. The Treasurer shall be the lead officer with respect to any on-line banking arrangements. On 23 February 2021, a Meeting of the Association’s Members agreed that the Treasurer is given permission (as Primary User of the association’s Business Internet Banking service with access to the association’s accounts online) to make sole online payments.
  5. The maximum online daily payment will be set by the club committee.



The day to day running and work of the Association will be the sole responsibility of the elected Committee. The Committee may, if required, co-opt members of the Association and /or individuals outside of the Association to assist in its work. Such co-option by the Committee is to be ratified, when it is convenient to do so, at an appropriate meeting of members. Co-opted individuals who are not paid-up members of the Association shall not be eligible to vote on any matter.



The Committee will meet regularly to discuss matters concerning the Association.


The Committee will decide upon all matters other than “major decisions” or other matters which it feels should be put to the wider membership at a meeting.


Decisions in committee will be by simple majority and only made when a minimum quorum of 3 Committee members are present.


Where committee members are part of the same family or partners, only one vote per family or partnership will count at any committee meeting.


In the absence of a majority, any resolutions will be put to the wider membership at a meeting.




Where a problem arises that cannot be resolved at Committee level an EGM may be called for or by the Committee and /or individual members to request guidance and vote upon that issue.

  1. An EGM may be held at any time, with 21 days notification being given in writing to the members.
  2. An EGM may be called by the Committee.
  3. An EGM must be called within 28 days following a written request to the Chairperson or the Secretary from a minimum of five members.



In the event of the Association ceasing its activities, any assets both real and financial will be donated, at the discretion of the Committee, to a body with aims and beliefs similar to those of the Association.
























The Treasurer will prepare accounts for each financial year which will be audited and reported to the AGM. The Association’s financial year will end on 31st October each year.


The yearly subscription fees and charges should meet the daily and yearly costs of running the Association as listed in ARTICLE “F. Where these costs and charges are NOT or could NOT normally be met from these funds then on a topic-by-topic basis the Association Committee may as it sees appropriate seek donations from individuals and or corporate bodies. In the event of the Association becoming unable to meet its financial obligations it shall cease to operate forthwith, and no individual member of the Association shall be liable for any debts overdrafts loans or other financial liabilities obtained or incurred by or in the name of the Association by the elected officers of the Association. In the event of the Association ceasing to operate, no refund of subscriptions already paid will be made to any individual member.



The Committee is authorised to approach professional bodies and organisations with regard to obtaining finance and funding for such specific classes and courses as the Association and Committee shall from time to time agree to embark upon.


As this sort of funding may run to vast amounts of money the Committee is ONLY authorised upon this subject to initially obtain full working estimates of costs and charges relevant to any project that the Association membership may want to undertake. At no time is the Committee to commit the Association to funding or finance of any sort.

The Committee is to prepare a full statement of proposals and related finance with estimates of funding needed and indicate where this money and /or monies might be obtained. The proposal will then be placed before the membership at a meeting and voted upon accordingly.




The Association WILL maintain links with and become members of “The CBA” (The Council for British Archaeology) in order that we can participate in their Insurance Scheme for THIS Association’s membership for events and projects.

The Association WILL ALSO maintain links with the CBA Mid-Anglia Group, as we shall fall within their area of operations.





The Association will produce, and review annually, a suitable policy, code of practice for members and notification procedure with respect to the protection of children and adults at risk from abuse.

The 2021 annual general meeting delegated the creation of a new safeguarding policy and the amendment of this article to the committee and at the meeting of the committee on 15 February 2022, it was agreed that any person under 18 is to be taken as a “child” for the purposes of this article.

Generally, where no “Safeguarding Officer” is present, children may only be involved in association activities if accompanied by a parent or guardian or “responsible adult” (and a “responsible adult” may be any person 18 or over nominated by the child’s parent or guardian).

The only exception may be where the child is a young person over 16 and express approval by their parents or guardians has been given for them to attend unaccompanied, subject to such children never being left on a one-to-one basis with a single adult.

The Association will designate a “Safeguarding Officer” whose position will be additional to any committee office also held within the Association. That officer will be designated by the membership at any meeting.

The Safeguarding Officer will not be excluded from holding a committee office at the same time.

That officer will be subject themselves to a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check completed at initial designation and thereafter at 3 year intervals or be able to produce a valid DBS check at the same intervals in connection with other ventures they are involved in.

That officer will take responsibility in ensuring that the activities of the Association are compliant with relevant child protection legislation.