Originally formed in 2003 as “AGES AAA”, the Association rebranded itself in November 2008 as “AGES AHA” with the AHA standing for Archaeological & Historical Association. This was done partly to better reflect the importance of historical research as an integral part of most archaeological studies and partly because history is a subject that we all enjoy studying.

Thanks to Lottery funding, we have at last in 2017 achieved one of our original aims in obtaining our own geophysics equipment. Any landowner who would like us to survey their land can arrange this by contacting our club and there is an opportunity for any new member to train to become part of our geophysics team for the future.

Until 2016, with the introduction of a course at SEEVIC, there had been no establishment in recent times in SE Essex for teaching practical archaeological experience, as the local colleges did not have the facilities, or allocated funding, for this type of teaching. It has been AGES AHA’s intention to bridge this void and become a focal point for the local population and a source that they can turn to for reference, and wherever possible, teaching.

We see ourselves as a gateway of archaeological and historical knowledge for the people of SE Essex and currently have around thirty members from Shoeburyness in the east to Basildon in the west.


Chairman: Terry Barclay (e-mail: info@ages-aha.co.uk)

Secretary: Kate Powell