Following 5 successful years at Daws Heath and Hadleigh, Access Cambridge University are due to take their Independent Learning Archaeological Field Study on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 20th June 2018 to Thundersley.

Although some local people have already put forward their garden for a dig either by supervised teams of 4 local school students or by our community archaeology club, more hosts are needed to ensure that we have enough for up to 14 pits, if all are required.

The pits are always just 1 metre by 1 metre square and normally dug within the rear (or front) lawn. Separate access to the rear, rather than passing through the house is preferable, in case rain makes the dig muddy, as is an external tap to enable finds washing water to be easily topped up.

You never know what may be found. One year in Daws Heath, the students turned up an old boot! In 2016, hundreds of pieces of Victorian pottery were found in one pit and another revealed medieval pottery only about a foot under the ground.

In Thundersley, nobody knows where the original medieval village or hamlet was concentrated. Was it by St Peter’s? You can help us find out. For this first year at Thundersley, we are hoping to look at the “Thundersely Village” area from the top of Church Hill to The Common rather than in New Thundersley or Kiln Road. So if your garden is in or near Church Road, Kenneth Road, Hart Road or Common Approach, perhaps your garden may be just the site we have been looking for.

(Other outlying Thundersley sites will be considered as reserves will always be required).

To find out more, please ring Terry on 01702 558936

or contact the club e-mail: