Access Cambridge University are due to return to Hadleigh on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th June. Although a number of local people have already put forward their garden for a dig by local school students or our community archaeology club, more hosts are needed to ensure that we have enough for up to 13 pits, if all are required.

The pits are always just 1 metre by 1 metre square and normally dug within the rear (or front) lawn. Separate access to the rear, rather than passing through the house is preferable, in case rain makes the dig muddy as is an external tap to enable finds washing water to be easily topped up.

You never know what may be found. One year in Daws Heath, the students turned up an old boot! Last year hundreds of pieces of Victorian pottery were found in one pit and another revealed medieval pottery only about a foot under the ground. We are always hopeful of at last finding some Saxon pottery dating back to the foundation of the village, so perhaps your garden may be just the site we have been looking p1060280