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THUNDERSLEY ILAFS Test Pitting June 2018 – Do You Want Your Garden Dug

Following 5 successful years at Daws Heath and Hadleigh, Access Cambridge University are due to take their Independent Learning Archaeological Field Study on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 20th June 2018 to Thundersley. Although some local people have already put forward their garden for…


Hadleigh Test Pits May 2016

Access Cambridge University under the direction of new manager, visited Hadleigh for 2 days of digging test pits at 6 sites around Hadleigh. School students from the Southend area dug at 3 pits and AGES AHA at 3 others. Students from the nearby…


Hadleigh Dig 2015

On 13th and 14th May, under the direction of Dr Carenza Lewis for Access Cambridge Archaeology, 11 test pits were dug around Hadleigh seeking information about the development of the medieval village. AGES AHA dug 2 pits and acted as co-ordinators to find 9 local residents happy to have teams of 4 Southend Schools students digging a hole in their gardens over the 2 days. A day of sunshine was followed by a day which finished with heavy unrelenting rain.


Carenza Lewis Speaks to Daws Heath Residents 2015

On 11th February 2015, many local residents and others wishing to support the idea of local archaeological test pitting joined AGES Archaeological & Historical Association at a special meeting at St Michael’s Church hall in Daws Heath.


The Results from the Daws Heath Dig 2014

40 students from 5 different Southend schools dug 10 one metre square test pits in gardens and AGES AHA, as a local community archaeology group, another. The dig was directed by Dr Carenza Lewis of Access Cambridge Archaeology as part of their Higher Education Field Academy which has been surveying over 50 East Anglian parishes in this manner over the last 10 years.


Daws Heath Dig Part 2 – 2014

Following last year’s successful digging of 12 test pits, Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA) under the leadership of Dr Carenza Lewis are to visit Daws Heath for a second year. As in 2013, this will be part of the Higher Education Field Academy (HEFA) in which 40 students from Southend borough schools will gain experience of 2 days of archaeological excavation and reporting in gardens volunteered by local residents followed by a day at Cambridge University.


Preliminary Archaeology Results: Big Dig 2013

As a result of contacts arising from the Archive’s All our Stories Lottery funding, five of the Archive’s editors acted as co-ordinators for Access Cambridge Archaeology (ACA) Higher Education Field Academy (HEFA) to arrange for school students to dig ten, 1 metre by 1 metre, test pits in Daws Heath on 5th and 6th June, as well as enlisting Ages AHA, the local community archaeology group, to dig two more.


St Michael’s to be Base for 2013 Daws Heath Dig

About 12 to 15 test pits will be dug, mostly in gardens, on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th June. St Michael’s church halls will be used as the excavation base camp by the students already selected from Southend schools.


The Daws Heath Dig June 2013

As part of our current All Our Stories Project, Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive has been asked by Carenza Lewis of Cambridge Archaeology to co-ordinate arranging sites for 10 to 15, 1 metre by 1 metre, test pits; mostly in Daws Heath gardens.